Photographer: packshot product, portrait, book photo, passport, visa, cv -reproduction - restoration old photos, printing services.


Elir Photo Studio specializes in packshot product photography for ecommerces, websites, catalogs or publicities. Photoshooting in our studio or at your place. 

We also welcome you in our photo studio in Ferney-Voltaire for your portrait photos in color and black & white (professional, linkedin profile, cv, etc), shooting book photos (mannequin, birthday with friends, etc), ID photos, passport, visa. 

We do all types of passport and visa photos (USA, Canada, Russia, China, India, Marocco, Algeria, EU, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, UK, Austria, Poland, any country). 

Other services: photo editing, clipping path, restoration and reproduction of vintage photos, professional printing services,  books photos, decoration photos on plexiglass, alu dibon, canvas, picture box, etc.  

Contact: Tel +33 (0)450 20 78 24

Service by appointment. Thank you to call in advance or send us an email.

ADRESSE: 13, B Chemin du Levant - Ferney-Voltaire, Pays de Gex, France.

Centre d'Affaires International (FIT) - Bilding: Jean Baptiste SAY - 2nd Floor / South Wing.


Packshot photo web & catalog

Creating high quality images at a competitive price.

  • Product packshot starting at 9 Euros per simple image + (clipping path), single or multiple shooting angles.
  • Plain background, gradient or 100% white.
  • Packshot complicated starting at 15 to 20 Euros per image and plus. 
  • Suitable for complicated products, with highlights requiring many alterations.
  • Examples: jewelry, watches, metal objects, mirrors, etc.
  • Photoshop editing until the perfection is achieved.
  • Photos re-sized to the customer's needs. 
  • Shooting in our studio or at your location.

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Portrait, Book, Passport, Visa, Cv

Photo shooting alone, with your parnert, with friends.

  • 1 simple color + 1 black & white portrait photo, digital format, 45 Euros, retouching included + 20 Euros every supplement photo.
  • Photo shoot in the studio 1 person, half hour 75 Euros, 3 portrait photos in color + 3 portrait photos in black & white = 6 photos in total, retouching included + 20 Euros every supplement photo. 
  • 1 hour 115 Euros, 6 portrait photos or full body in color + 6 portrait or full body photos in black & white = 12 photos in total), retouching included + 20 Euros every supplement photo. 

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